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ladies and gentlemen..

we are floating in space.

416 harrison
royal oak
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my house is the new flipside. and mowing the lawn is blowing my mind.
525 harrison, american flags, art, basement shows, being kinda over-rated, billy madison, borrowed electricity, broken instruments, carpet remnants, casette tapes, christmas lights, classic rock, collapsed lungs, dance parties, err force ones, fontana, freshman girls, hello stars, high school, impromptu mc5 covers, jackson 5, low ceilings, mediocrity, mrs. steffy, neighboors with bongs, nkotb, not flipside, obsessive fans, one streaking derek shack, probably music, screaming, see ya, set lists, sleep-overs, slips with jeans, staying in the backyard, straight edge, the heroin room, the skinny fists, the yarbles, thrashmaster, underage drinking, woak, wu-tang, x! records, yao ming has sars