colin (teen_age_riot) wrote in the_bauhaus,

the mans bringing us down...

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We aren't allowed to have shows anymore.

why not?

if it starts at 7, it will end at 9.

high school kids don't break pipes. or stand on the front lawn. or jump off roofs. or drink. they sit in the basement and watch the show, and go home when it's over.
jeff and i were both fined 200 dollars apiece for the last show. i don't have the flow to pay for that again.
when i went to court the judge said we'd been having too many shows. i agreed with him but it was hard to explain that every show except for the halloween party was planned without my knowledge. (not like I'm the leader of the free world, but if i had a show i'd run it by you) i'm ok with paying for the halloween party (i feel responsible) but the judge left me with the distinct impression that the behavior leading up the halloween party (3 shows in 3 weeks) guided his decision heavily.

Dec 4th would be barely a month since the last one, and the royal oak cops have already proved that i don't need to be home to be written a ticket. also, that weekend will be right in th middle of my exams schedule and a trashed house seriously bums me out.