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thanks for playing.! and also, thanks for being punk as fuck.
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are all these at your house? if so...looks like i am missin out!
definitely- you should come by! our next show is friday,

human eye
lee marvin computer arm

and wear a costume!
alright sounds fair..i'll give you a call sometime this week n get directions. i'll drag some kids on by
"Brother Fucker" I feel more and more like 9th grade lately, which is definitely cool.
me,colin and sean definitley are shoe twins.
guys,call me when you're going to wear them next so we can all match.hehe.
you can always count on me wearing my slip on vans, they're the only shoes i own.
okay i'll wear them tomorrow and then be super obnoxious and say "COLIN WE'RE TWINS TODAY" in the hall tomorrow
except for that you don't go to dondero anymore which i just realized...
john the j-bag: ash got this job working as a photographer for the metro times. she said she took a disposable black & white camera to blonde redhead and touched everything up in photoshop!
me: haha! that's great!
j the j: no! she's so under-qualified!
me: ha ha! no way! photography isn't that hard!
dude, that story is so off!!

-i answered an add in the metro times, for a position for some online music site/cleveland magazine.. and i don't have the job for sure yet, and i took pictures of the show in our basement, and not blonde redhead.

photography is for tools. i hope to make a career out of not caring.

jon is my favorite drama queen.
geoffs face in that last picture is intense. i can't handle it.